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Portfolio Companies

GCIC supported companies are developing innovative solutions to treat cardiovascular diseases and conditions and contributing to the economic development of Ohio.

Akebia Therapeutics

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Akebia is a Cincinnati, Ohio based company that focuses on clinical development of novel compounds for anemia and ischemia-related disorders, with a focus on peripheral artery disease. Two preclinical programs are in late phase discovery stages with all drug candidates targeted to enter clinical stages within three years.


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Arteriocyte is a Cleveland, Ohio and Hopkinton, Massachusetts based company that develops cellular therapies and is currently pursuing cell-based therapeutics and tissue engineering products for the treatment of ischemia and other disease conditions.


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Athersys is a Cleveland, Ohio based company developing a growing pipeline of therapeutics designed to treat cardiovascular disease and other conditions. Athersys is currently developing pharmaceutical-like cell therapies, based upon its proprietary multipotent adult progenitor cell technology, for the treatment of congestive heart failure, acute myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular conditions.


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AtriCure is headquartered near Cincinnati, Ohio and has assembled experts in the medical device industry to form a highly effective team dedicated to serving patients, medical professionals, and investors. Using their proprietary bipolar ablation technology, AtriCure has developed a family of products which are used in conjunction with elective surgical ablation procedures. Building on this technical platform, they have developed products which enable physicians to treat patients through minimally invasive procedures in the operating room.

Blue Ash Therapeutics

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Blue Ash Therapeutics, is a Cincinnati-based company founded to develop and commercialize acute-care cardiovascular drugs. The initial focus is the late-stage antiarrhythmic drug Azimilide as an adjunctive therapy in patients with implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs).


Learn more about CardioCeption

CardioCeption LLC, was formed in 2009 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company is developing non-traumatic means of eliciting remote cardioprotection during MI, based upon novel discoveries by laboratories at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. CardioCeption is currently running translational trials in a large animal model to optimize this therapy. Based upon these results and ongonig clinical trials, the company will pursue R&D to expand the indications and commercialize the application of the technology. 


Learn more about CardioInsight

CardioInsight is a Cleveland Ohio based company developing electrocardiographic imaging which noninvasively maps electrical activity on the surface of the heart. CardioInsight’s commercialization grant will be used toward software development for its first commercial product.

Cell Targeting, Inc.

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Cell Targeting, Inc. is a preclinical-stage company developing a drug delivery platform utilizing a tissue-specific peptide targeting technology with broad therapeutic potential, including delivery of cardiovascular cellular therapies. In January 2011 the company technology was acquired by BioTime, Inc.

Centerline Biomedical, Inc.

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Centerline Biomedical, Inc. develops and commercializes a radiation-minimizing system for endovascular procedures based on the research from Cleveland Clinic’s Heart & Vascular Institute and Lerner Research Institute. Centerline’s advanced surgical navigation system significantly reduces radiation exposure to patients and caregivers, and provides the surgeon with a “GPS-like” tool, making these procedures more efficient and accurate. The platform technology aims to revolutionize endovascular repair in addition to a variety of vascular applications.

ClearFlow, Inc.

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ClearFlow is a California based medical device company pioneering new technologies to solve the clinical problems associated with obstructed catheters.

ClearFlow was formed from the collaborative efforts of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and MDI Partners. The company’s product pipeline is based on its proprietary Active Clearance Technology® (ACT) to resolve catheter clogging in multiple medical market segments, including urinary catheters, gastrointestinal catheters, and wound drainage.

Cryothermic Systems

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Cryothermic Systems, founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 2008, is a medical device company that has developed a series of products that cool the brain during cardiac arrest, stroke or traumatic brain injury. The Excel Cryo® Cooling System is an easy to use, non-invasive 10 second solution for first responders to induce cerebral cooling. The unique design of the system provides consistent cooling of the brain from incident through to the I.C.U. Therapeutic hypothermia is known to protect the quality of life of patients who might otherwise suffer neurologic damage.

Enable Injections

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Enable Injections is a start-up company that has developed a disposable body-worn bolus injector to deliver high viscosity/volume payloads up to 20cc. The system uses a standard vial container closure and can automatically mix lyophilized solutions. Founded March 2010, the company has R&D, operations and manufacturing facilities in Franklin, Ohio.


Learn more about EXCMR

EXCMR is a Columbus, Ohio based company that develops and manufactures medical devices to enhance cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging. Their innovative MRI-compatible treadmill enables cardiovascular exercise stress testing with MRI.

genae Americas Inc.

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genae is an innovative services provider for the medical industries. The development and marketing of medical devices and therapies in today’s global marketplace is a highly regulated process with strict requirements from many competent authorities. genae is a catalyst between the health care authorities, investigators in clinical practice and the medical industry to set up and support development processes. We communicate with civil servants in ministries of health, regional and local healthcare authorities, healthcare associations, healthcare technology assessment bodies, health insurance funds and other relevant parties. genae’s ultimate objective is to support the medical industry in obtaining product approval and in achieving a marketable product and market acceptance, in a timely and cost-effective way, while meeting or exceeding all relevant quality standards.

Hemex Health

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Hemex Health brings lab-quality testing to the point of need. Our easy-to-use device supports tests for malaria and sickle cell. The one-minute, $1 malaria test is faster and more sensitive than the current technology used in routine testing. Hemex’s point-of-care solutions are designed to provide benefit quickly and effectively for healthcare workers and patients, whether in a modern clinic or remote corner of the world. Our offices are located in Portland, Oregon, and Cleveland, Ohio.

ICHOR Vascular Inc.

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ICHOR Vascular Inc. focuses on novel platform treatments for lower limb reperfusion. ICHOR’s inaugural technology is a Percutaneous Reperfusion System to treat Acute Limb Ischemia (ALI) and other embolic / thrombotic events….It’s called Panacea! Panacea is a one size fits all system that replicates the parameters of surgical embolectomy with reduced surgical complications, minimal blood loss compared to aspiration or surgery, reduced bleeding complications associated with drug therapy, and eliminates the need for general anesthesia. The technology is easily adoptable by interventionalists and incorporates a health economic element that will make Panacea a first line therapy for physicians and hospitals.

Ischemia Care

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Ischemia Care is a clinical stage capital efficient, diagnostic laboratory commercializing a blood test called ISCDX for cause of stroke and TIA, including atrial fibrillation. Ischemia Care is currently enrolling in a clinical trial (NCT0214896) designed to lead to commercial adoption of ISCDX through company owned CLIA lab.

Minimally Invasive Devices, Inc.

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Minimally Invasive Devices, Inc. is a Columbus, OH medical device companies that designs, commercializes, and manufacturers instruments that improve visual clarity during laparoscopic surgery. The company’s flagship product, FloShield, is the first device ever that prevents the lens of the laparoscope from becoming covered with debris, allowing surgeons to operate with a better view and far less interruptions.

Navis Medical

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Perflow Medical

Learn more about Perflow Medical

Perflow Medical was established in 2010 to develop and commercialize new generation of safer, easier-to-deploy devices that will significantly improve the treatment of Neuro-Vascular disorders. Based on its proprietary platform technology, Perflow’s devices give physicians a new level of real-time control over device size, placement and other parameters, therefore improving safety, performance and usability. Perflow’s first product – The Stream Neuro-Thrombectomy Device was CE marked on Dec-15 and is currently used to treat Ischemic Stroke patients in Europe.

Perfusion Solutions Inc.

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Perfusion Solutions Inc. is a Cleveland-based company developing an ultra-small circulatory assist platform for left ventricular, right ventricular, adult and pediatric applications.


Learn more about PeriTec Biosciences Ltd.

Peritec Biosciences Ltd. is a Cleveland, Ohio based company aiming to develop vascular and cardiovascular surgical products. The company’s technology is based on the novel combination of self expanding nitinol stent and biological tissue, peritoneum.

Proxy Biomedical Ltd.

Learn more about Proxy Biomedical Ltd.

Proxy Biomedical Ltd., an Irish medical technology company, provides solutions for the medical device sector in the area of biomaterials-focused medical implant design, development and contract manufacturing. With a proven track record in innovative design and quality-assured manufacturing, Proxy Biomedical provides a complete solution to world leading tier-one medical device companies who seek a trusted partner to help realise their product development needs. Proxy Biomedical’s deep understanding of inherent biomaterial properties combined with the use of advanced conversion processes, yield novel platform technologies to address unmet needs in General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Wound Care and Cardiovascular sectors. Their proprietary surgical mesh products are CE marked for distribution within the European Community and FDA approved for distribution within the United States.

Quality Electrodynamics

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Quality Electrodynamics (QED) is a global developer, manufacturer and supplier of advanced medical equipment electronics. Current products include cutting edge MRI radiofrequency (RF) antennas/coils for diagnostic imaging at the full range of magnetic field strengths. Most of these are FDA Class II noninvasive devices used for obtaining diagnostic images for various human anatomies.

Regulatory & Quality Solutions

Learn more about Regulatory & Quality Solutions

Regulatory and Quality Solutions (R&Q) provides industry-leading regulatory and quality consulting and engineering services throughout the entire product lifecycle. R&Q exists to improve people’s lives; the patients, our clients and our team members. R&Q helps bring more safe and effective medical devices to market for both medical device companies and combination product companies. Leveraging our deep industry experience, our company provides solutions that help improve the world. Drawing on expertise across the entire medical device product lifecycle, R&Q is uniquely positioned to present a range of strategic and tactical options and execute on the solution that best suits our clients’ individual regulatory and quality needs. R&Q’s headquarters are in Pittsburgh, PA with additional offices in Cleveland, OH, Boston, MA, Minneapolis, MN and Philadelphia, PA. From these offices, we service both nationally and internationally. R&Q is 100% women owned and is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise by WBENC.
Services include areas of:
o Regulatory
o Quality Systems
o Design Assurance
o Product Quality
o Post-Market Surveillance
o Remediation

Securus Medical Group

Learn more about Securus Medical Group

Securus Medical Group is developing clinical tools to monitor core body temperature within body cavities. Thermal injury to the tissue due to energy from various sources can create damage to surrounding tissue. Securus will provide clinicians a simple to use, real-time, noncontact, thermal map of body cavity tissue temperature. This information will guide the physician to achieve the desired clinical outcome without risk of injury to surrounding tissue. For more information, please contact Steve Girouard at


Learn more about Sense Diagnostics

Sense Diagnostics is a Cincinnati, Ohio based company developing a non-invasive monitoring system for brain injuries. The vast majority of patients who suffer severe traumatic brain injuries or brain hemorrhages die or are left severely disabled, diminishing their quality of life and imposing huge financial burdens on patients, their families and the health care system. The SENSE monitor uses extremely low power radio waves to non-invasively detect hemorrhages, resulting in earlier treatment that minimizes brain damage.

Sensible Medical Innovations

Learn more about Sensible Medical Innovations

Sensible Medical Innovations has developed a breakthrough modality that is optimal for continuous and wearable use at both home and hospital. Sensible Medical is the industry leader in RF monitoring and imaging. Based on its proprietary ReDS technology the company is addressing a wide range of applications, with current focus on the first effective non-invasive device for congestive heart failure (“CHF”) monitoring.

Tatara Vascular

Learn more about Tatara Vascular

Tatara Vascular is a Cleveland, Ohio based company that has developed a family of high performance coronary guide wires for use to facilitate placement of balloon dilation catheters during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) and percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA). The guide wires recently received FDA 510(k) clearance.

For more information, please contact Kelly Emerton, PhD at or 216-444-9773

TheraVasc Inc.

Learn more about TheraVasc Inc.

Founded in 2009, TheraVasc Inc. is a privately held Cleveland, OH corporation (Delaware registered), which is developing an oral formulation of sodium nitrite, TV1001, targeting patient populations with poor blood flow to the extremities, such as patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD), diabetes or peripheral neuropathy. TheraVasc has recently completed a double blind, placebo controlled, Phase IIa clinical trial, which demonstrated the safety of chronic oral administration of its product, evidence of bioactivity and an indication of clinical benefit to patients with PAD, with patients receiving TV1001 reporting a statistically significant reduction in pain. In a collaborative study at the University of Colorado, TV1001 was also shown to be beneficial to otherwise healthy aged individuals, improving vascular function, balance, grip strength and even cognition. Additionally, in a separate trial conducted at the NIH with a topical formulation of sodium nitrite, sickle cell patients with foot ulcers also reported a reduction in pain. Based on these results, TheraVasc is undertaking a study to assess the effects of its second generation oral formulation, TV1001sr, on patients with peripheral neuropathy.

TRIM-edicine, Inc.

Learn more about TRIM-edicine, Inc.

TRIM-edicine, Inc. is a Columbus-based company founded to develop and commercialize protein therapeutics for regenerative medicine. The initial focus is on the use of recombinant MG53 protein in the treatment of ischemia reperfusion injury in a number of different tissues related to cardiovascular disease.

Vascular Genesis

Learn more about Vascular Genesis

Vascular Genesis is a medical device company located in Columbus, Ohio that is laying the foundation for vascular regeneration with its line of cell-free, synthetic scaffold products that lower the risk of rejection, infection, and stenosis.


Learn more about VasoStar

VasoStar is a Mentor, Ohio based company developing and commercializing an electromagnetically driven guidewire system that safely improves the success rate for crossing chronic total occlusions in vasculature.


Learn more about Vectorious

With the goal of improving the management of heart failure (HF) patients, Vectorious has developed the first digital, leadless, battery free sensory implant able to directly measure left atrial filling pressure (LAP), a direct measurement of cardiovascular volemic status, the earliest indicator of HF decompensation and imminent hospitalization. By enabling daily assessment of this critical indicator from the home, the V-LAPTM System will bring about a breakthrough in HF patient care, transforming a condition with frequent hospital stays into one which is routinely managed at home. The patient will utilize daily pressure readings to adjust medications at home, in coordination with the physician, similar to current self-management of diabetes.

VentureMed Group

Learn more about VentureMed Group

VentureMed Group (VMG) designs, develops and markets innovative and cost-effective medical devices for treating peripheral artery disease. VMG’s flagship product, the FLEX Scoring Catheter is an innovative and cost-effective plaque modification and vessel preparation catheter for scoring any length segment of the superficial-femoral artery (SFA), prior to balloon angioplasty or stent placement, and for emerging opportunities in drug coated balloon and drug eluting stent therapies. FLEX is the first and only one-size-fits-all alternative to cutting or scoring balloons and atherectomy devices.

Xact Medical

Learn more about Xact Medical

A critical unmet need for fast, reliable central vascular access (CVA) has led to a paradigm shift in medical robotics. FIND is s hand-held robotic ultrasound transducer that automates ultrasound guided needle placement, enabling every clinician to perform precision needle placement like an expert. Spun out from Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center and Ben Gurion University, Xact Medical is initially focused on pediatric CVA, with additional applications (e.g. adult CVA, anesthesiology, biopsy) to follow, creating a $2B+ global addressable market. FIND delivers speed, simplicity, and reliable precision (even for low-skilled clinicians) for procedures involving precise needle placement, reducing complications and costs while improving outcomes and predictability. With participation and support from Cincinnati Children’s, the Boston Pediatric Device Consortium (Boston Children’s, Harvard, FDA), and the GCIC (Cleveland Clinic, NIH), Xact is well-positioned to bring FIND to market as the leading edge of the coming point of care robotics wave.

ZIN Medical

Learn more about ZIN

ZIN is a Cleveland, Ohio based company focused on the development of a remote, wireless patient monitoring system based on technology developed with support from NASA. ZIN seeks to commercialize their vMetrics System, a small, configurable device that records and transmits data from a wide variety of biomedical sensors.

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