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Ohio Development Services Agency

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The Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) promotes economic opportunities to improve the profits and prosperity of Ohio’s citizens. ODSA provides financial, informational, and technical support and assistance to those making investments in Ohio’s future. ODSA oversees a full portfolio of programs including: business attraction and retention, small business growth, technology commercialization, energy efficiency, affordable housing, community infrastructure and downtown revitalization.


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TechOhio supports the vibrant community of entrepreneurs in Ohio by sharing the breakthrough technologies, cutting-edge research and innovative companies being developed across the state. It tells the stories of people, their creations and innovations, their contributions to research and emerging technologies.

Third Frontier Project

Learn more about the Third Frontier Project

The Third Frontier Project commenced in February 2002 with aims to expand Ohio’s high-tech research capabilities and promote innovation and company formation. This project represents Ohio’s largest-ever commitment to technology expansion and will create high-paying jobs and facilitate world class innovation. The 10-year, $1.6 billion initiative is designed to: build world-class research capacity; support early stage capital formation and the development of new products; and finance advanced manufacturing technologies to help existing industries become more productive.

The Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) supports economic development through a variety of programs aimed to assist developing companies and those relocating to the State. These programs include state grant, investment loan and tax credit programs for eligible companies with growth and economic impact potential. The State aims to:

  • Build world-class research capacity with commercial relevance
  • Support early-stage capital formation and the development of new products
  • Finance advanced manufacturing technologies to support innovation and greater productivity in existing industries

Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center