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Incubator Facility. Incubator Graduates

Incubator Graduates:

Cleveland HeartLab, LLC

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Cleveland HeartLab, LLC is a Cleveland-based specialty clinical laboratory and disease management company focused on novel molecular biomarker technologies and the creation of proprietary diagnostic tests. The company has developed a profile of tests focused on managing and reducing inflammation, a root cause of heart disease.

Explorys Inc.

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Explorys formed a partnership with Cleveland Clinic, Explorys addresses the national imperative to leverage electronic health records (EHR) for the improvement of medicine. Our networked platform enables the discovery of critical correlations, trends, and outcomes across millions of patients, clinical records, and diverse environments — providing unique insight to enable providers and life sciences organization to deliver safer, more efficient and more effective healthcare. This capability creates new opportunities for healthcare providers and life sciences organizations to partner, collaborate, and identify breakthroughs in safety, innovation, and efficiency in the delivery of care.

Image IQ (Acquired by ERT)

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ImageIQ provides expertise in the incorporation of advanced image acquisition, processing, analysis and visualization into the research and development of biotechnologies. Serving the research, medical device, pharmaceutical and legal markets, ImageIQ has helped improve the effectiveness of R&D, product development, regulatory approval and product liability litigation through the use of their customizable software platforms and unique imaging-based approach to solving biomedical problems. ImageIQ also works with scientists and clinicians throughout the world to develop novel medical technologies ranging preoperative surgical planning software to image-based diagnostics for detecting the early onset of hypertension and diabetes. For more information, please contact Tim Kulbago:

Juventas Therapeutics

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Juventas Therapeutics is a private clinical-stage company developing first-in-class cardiovascular biopharmaceuticals that target natural repair pathways. The company’s lead product encodes stromal cell-derived factor-1 (SDF-1) which has been shown to significantly increase end-organ function following tissue injury.


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PediaWorks and Medikit agreed that children should have access to the same medical advancements as adults, but very few pediatric products were actually reaching the market.  So in 2009 they partnered to form PediaCath, the first and only organization to develop catheters just for children.  PediaCath leverages Medikit’s experienced team of R&D engineers and rapid prototyping facilities, and PediaWorks access to a broad network of pediatric clinical advisors and research partners.  PediaCath’s initial focus is on catheters used by cardiologists. For more information contact Tim Moran via

Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center