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Facility. Leasing Information

Leasing Space at the Incubator

Our criteria for admission into the GCIC Incubator are listed below. After a full application and business plan are received, the Operating Committee will meet to discuss further action. For more information about the criteria and application process, please contact us at 216.445.7006.

Client Requirements

  • Company‚Äôs technology must have cardiovascular application.
  • Growth potential for the product or service enabling the company to reach optimal revenue levels; create jobs; and graduate from the GCIC Incubator within 3 years.
  • Adequate capitalization to provide viable operation and a plan for further financial stability.
  • Fits within the operational model of the facility, including: space requirements (less than 3000 square feet), rent payment, equipment or facility requirements, and any other requirements.

Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center